Islamic Poetry – “Tawheed & Democracy” – Islamic Poem About Belief in Allah & His Shariah

In a time when believers need a constant reminder of the basic tenets of faith, this poem carries a short reminder of the importance of the fundamentals of the Islamic testimony of faith and their implications on the life of every Muslim.

Being a Muslim is far more than just a name and in this poem I aimed to carry a message of Islamic solidarity and sincere reverence for the pure constitution of Islamic rule – the divinely inspired Shari’ah.

What was it that the messenger of Allah (sAaws) preached that was so abhorrent to the pagans of Quraish who were his own kinsmen? How did the noble call of Laa Ilaha Illa Allah cause Quraish to turn to violence, hatred and oppression? There must have been something far greater than a weekly visit to the mosque to stimulate such hatred of Islam. Islam brought great change both on the spiritual, economic and political front.

It is often that people are given a picture of a judeo-christianic secular version of Islam where the moto of all is “When in Rome, do as the Romans” or even, “Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar…”

This small effort hopes to set the record straight for all those sincere seekers of truth and clarify to all how religion, politics and science complement one another in Islam.

As any sincere reader will see, the Qur’an does clearly teach that these three areas are products of the same unique creator, Allah (SwT) thus as believers, in Him alone must we trust. May He (SwT) bless our dying days to be spent under the shade of Allah – (SwT) the Islamic Shari’ah; and may our meeting with Allah (SwT) be most pleasant and a rest for us from every hardship of this world. May our ending place forever be in the gardens of Jannatul Firdous in the loftiest garden of paradise. Allahummah Aameen…Allahummah Aameen…Allahummah Aameen.

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